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Praise to Prezi

I am quite a “visual” person. I need to see things. I need to draw them for myself, link them, structure them and scrutinize the relationships to get to understand them better. I explain matters by drawing them out too. I’ve tried to use many tools. Starting with pencil & paper, playing around with PowerPoint (and mastering it) and MS Visio (really sucking at it). There was always one thing I missed. I always ended up needing more “paper”. When I develop a thought, eventually I look at it from a greater distance and seeing more things around. Those I need to put on the paper again. And so on and on.

Recently, I discovered Prezi. And this thingy is EXACTLY what I always needed, without realizing it. Yeah, it looks fancy, it looks quite “different”, it’s short on features etc. which I am still not sure whether I like it or not. But the key concept is simply made for me. Infinite space where I can put thoughts, zoom in to work out details, zoom out to put in context & environment and do this on as many “levels” as I need, reshuffle thins easily freely in that thought space is just awesome. I got so much used to the way Prezi works that it sometimes happens to me that I want to use my browser in the same way.

This experience makes me really look forward to the next generation user interfaces.

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