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EA Gartner – London, May 2011

Few key points that stroke my eyes or justified the way I try to do my job:

Only 13% of EA programmes in EMEA is about technology [the rest covers also business, information, people, processes]


There are no IT projects. There are only business projects.


We should remove business-to-IT alignment from our thinking and vocabulary. EA is about so much more and failing to include people, information, processes etc. is a big flaw.


About half of attendees would be willing to change the name of EA to whatever resonates better with management and is closer to the real work.

Ad Showing value:

Change the way you think – express everything you do in business outcomes, business value & performance. If you can’t , what you do does not make sense then.


Avoid trying to be all things to all people.


One cannot split benefits among all involved parties, unlike costs

Ad Metrics:

Position IT initiatives in terms of Transformation/Growth/Run – so you see at the end of the day if your IT is just a cost-centre, or helps transforming business.


EA supports leading indicators while business is mainly measured by lagging indicators (cost, profit…). We do not need to show how much profit lowers costs etc.l we helped to execute. But we do must make it blindingly obvious how to link EA leading to business lagging indicators.

Ad Strategy:

Only 33% of companies claim their strategy is well understood. The rest spans from vague to none.


If you think you have no/vague strategy, do some research, look at your web pages what’s senior management saying aloud. It’s very likely you can find large portions of the business strategy laying out there.


Go humbly to you senior management and make them talk to you about the strategy by bringing your understanding of what they are saying and having your understanding challenged.


Is there really no strategy? Then you are actually very likely creating one or one emerges from actions that are taken on daily basis.

Ad EA Customers:

Business is no customer of EA. IT isn’t one either! They are the best partners, though.


Try to see the end customer as the customer of EA. It’ll be easier to see the value you provide.

Ad Trends:

Gamification (“Make life more fun & engaging”), Pattern-based strategy, Context-aware computing, Hybrid thinking

My lesson taken from gamification: To get motivation, engagement, commitment and achieve mastery in a domain – make it more fun. Create a system in which you get better step by step, where the system leads you to mastery and motivates you in getting better. And making it fun for people does a fair portion of the job. There’s no reason not to make work a bit more fun too.

Highlights of the event: Having inspiring talk to Brian Burke and Betsy Burton and finally meeting Tom Graves in person outside the hotel by sheer luck!

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