Hi Josh,

  I am a reader of your book Personal MBA. I wanted to thank you for the inspiring book and I thought you might be interested in how you changed somebody’s life, so i decided to share my personal story with you.

I read your book some three years back. It was the THE book that made be realize I want to be an entrepreneur and I just need to found a business. Although I am aslo still empoyed, I tried to build a service for finding and evaluating baby sitting, I failed (not really important why), I carried on and wanted to spread my passion and I started producing motivating posters ( I am now involved in piloting a new product for banks and planning a startup, my own consultancy etc. That’s the business side.

In my personal life your book helped me to convince my parents to move to another country, buy a plot of land and build a new house, change their jobs. The thing is, that my parents were far from being rich. The whole life the biggest dream for my father was to have a house. Of course he never did. He haven’t even ever thought he could have one (he was an electrician in a coal mine, not really making a fortune). The biggest achievement was to get me and my brother to a colleage. Anyway, I used some of your advices, drew them a roadmap to their dream house and went back step by step through what needs to happen so they could celebrate next birthday in their new house. We calculated every crown (i am from Czech Republic:), every risk and eventually it really worked:) They are now in their new house, close to their grand children, enjoying retirement with NO debt on their neck!

So you really helped me to manage MUCH MUCH MUCH better retirement for my parent , with so much better quality of life. thank you very much for that.
Kindly yours
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